Marie Sabrina Jean – We Must be Allowed to Return Home

Many believe that the Chagos Islands need protection. Those of us who call it home wholeheartedly agree with them.

For many years, the Chagossians were the guardians of these beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean. We grew our own food, fished from the sea and enjoyed a way of life that had sustained our ancestors for generations.

Before our expulsion from the islands in 1968 by the British government, to make way for a US military base, the islands were in pristine condition – far better than they are today.

The military base set up on Diego Garcia has been responsible for causing significant damage: much of the island’s vegetation has been destroyed, large areas of the island have been concreted over, a deep-water harbour for the vast military arsenal has been created, oil spills have seeped into the freshwater reservoirs and the coral base of the islands, whilst industrial-scale fishing of tuna from the local waters has left stocks depleted.

Over the last 46 years, many of us have set-up what we have continued to hope would be temporary homes in Mauritius and the United Kingdom. Witnessing the destruction of our islands from afar during that time has upset us deeply, as has the refusal by successive British governments to allow us to return to the islands, even just to visit and tend to the graves of our ancestors. . . . . . . view website

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