Natives of the Chagos islands have had their human rights taken away from them

The problem with the Chagos Islands
by Peter Harris
25 July 2013

Natives of the Chagos islands have had their human rights and their land mistreated and taken away from them. In our modern society, how is it still acceptable to oust people from their homeland and not even let them voice their concerns?

The UK government announced on July 8th that it will commission a new study into the feasibility of resettling the Chagos Islands (British Indian Ocean Territory), one of Britain’s few remaining overseas territories and home to the exiled Chagossians. These are the indigenous people of the archipelago who were expelled in the 1960s and 1970s to make way for a US military base on Diego Garcia, the largest of the islands. The announcement is welcome news for supporters of the Chagossians’ right to return. Nevertheless, a dangerous double standard regarding the scope of the review risks undermining the process before it has even begun.

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