The UK government is to carry out study for re-settlement feasibility

‘The ‘independent consultants’, will not include Chagossians, have been instructed by the Foreign Office (FCO) to “neutrally” examine the options and risks involved in establishing several sorts of community on the outer islands as well as on Diego Garcia itself. ‘

The UK government is sending an expert team to the Chagos islands to see if it is feasible to resettle the tropical archipelago from which it forcibly evicted hundreds of families nearly 40 years ago to make way for a massive US military base.

Up to 5,000 US servicemen presently live on the largest island, Diego Garcia, and have all their food, drink and essentials flown in. But the remaining 50 islands and reefs which stretch over hundreds of square miles of some of the most pristine seas in the world are now uninhabited and it is the dream of many Chagossian families living in exile mainly in Britain and Mauritius to return.

Full article on Guardian website.

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  1. Gregorio July 5, 2015 at 6:35 pm - Reply

    The BES response to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office cottsluanion on the MPA in the Chagos islands was formulated on the basis of scientific evidence, within the framework of the questions and options given in the cottsluanion document. Given the role of the BES in representing the views and knowledge of the ecological community, we are not well-placed to advise on issues relating to the wider political context surrounding the situation in the Chagos Islands. However, we do acknowledge that these issues bear on the process, and indeed we state in our response to the cottsluanion that our recommendations are based on the current situation and should be reconsidered if necessary depending on the outcome of the proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights. In addition, our response recognises that the effectiveness of the MPA would be enhanced by engaging local communities in the conservation and management of the BIOT MPA.

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